Okay, so there’s a story here. Raleigh is TERRIFIED of my camera. Like legitimately terrified. You can’t tell from the pictures but he’s violently trembling and Jeremiah is having to hold him down. If we are outside and I pull one out, he will willingly abandon his family and run for the hills. Which if you know Raleigh, is crazy talk.

The weird thing is, he wasn’t always this way. When I used my Rebel and nifty fifty, he would pose all day long. It wasn’t until I upgraded to my Mark II and fab lenses that he started this behavior. The only thing I can think of is it’s the mechanic sounds the lens makes when it is focusing (particularly my 85) that scares him.

Anyway, here is Raleigh. Pictures of him are rare, like catching an illusive wild animal.


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