Classical Conversations Community Day

    Today was our first community day for the year! We have been doing school for a couple of weeks now but this kicks off our CC curriculum. The girls are SO excited, especially K-bug. She can’t wait to start Kindergarten officially. I am tutoring the Foundations masters class so she is in her class all by herself for the morning. The big girls are doing Essentials in the afternoon as well.

     They all had a blast learning about God, grammar, math, latin, geography, history, timelime, science and art. Their science lab was dissecting a bean and learning about dicots and in their art class they learned the 5 basic elements of shape. In the afternoon, he big girls worked on presenting, the 112 sentence structures of the English language and how they are organized and creating a keyword outline for writing.

Whew! it was a busy day!!

    Little man got to play with all the other younger siblings in our community and  complicated the big kid’s soccer game during lunch by standing in the middle of the field. So helpful. He was completely exhausted when we got home, as you can imagine.



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