lots to be thankful for

It almost seems cliché anymore to say we are blessed, like some lame facebook hashtag. We have health, happiness, a roof over our heads and food on the table. We have each other. That’s a whole heck of a lot more than so many people have these days. God has provided for us, as he always does, despite worries and doubts. My gratefulness is without measure. There is so much poverty and struggling around us here in Clarksville and God has really opened my eyes to it. It always seems so much more poignant this time of year.

We had Thanksgiving with our friends at their house but we prepped our contributions of the food to take over there here at home. After a little parade watching, Paige helped me make all the glorious sides that make the perfect Thanksgiving feast.


six months old

My little chunky monkey! You squeal and laugh and play like such a big boy now. You can sit up really well which is a good thing because you don’t ever want to miss a thing. you’ve started to try and wave bye bye and hello and you give amazing cuddle hugs. Happy half-birthday!