Letters to my Daughters: My sweet Mikey


My sweet, dear Mikey. It’s hard to believe you are already nine years old. You were my constantly smiling, happy baby.  You are a headstrong study in passion that can affect the emotions of everyone in the room. You started out in this world on your own terms and to this day, you still have strong opinions on just about everything. When you set your mind to something, nothing and I mean nothing, can stop you. Your drive, grit and determination are a marvel and I’m sure God is someday going to use that passion he gave you in a mighty way. That intensity is also focused on things that you love and you love fiercely. You are always the first to love and hug on me and your daddy and ever since you were a baby your smile and laugh can light up everyone around you.  Always the encourager, you love to shower those you love with words of affirmation.

You are growing up before our eyes into a strong, intelligent, beautiful young lady and I am so excited to see what God has in store for you. Happy birthday precious girl!





four months and going

Sweet boy, you are growing like a weed! You are so big now that you have outgrown most of your 6 months size clothes already. You love to laugh at daddy and your sisters, stare at your hands while you eat and play with Mr. Octopus in your saucer. You are such a happy boy most of the time but when you are tired you are done with everything. Your toes have finally become reachable and you love to grab them. You are sooooo close to sitting up on your own…any day now!