eight months old

You are such a chunky monkey! You love chewing on your tongue and saying “da da” while you play with all your toys. Your pointer finger gets quite a workout as you examine everything within reach. You have a blast terrorizing the household in your beep-beep car and you love anything that rolls, whether it is a ball or on wheels. You like to sleep on your tummy now and are sooooo close to crawling. You’ve managed to figure out how to scoot backwards and it won’t be long till you are off!



six months old

My little chunky monkey! You squeal and laugh and play like such a big boy now. You can sit up really well which is a good thing because you don’t ever want to miss a thing. you’ve started to try and wave bye bye and hello and you give amazing cuddle hugs. Happy half-birthday!


five months and growing


My little Butter Bean, you are getting so big! You are wear 12 month, yes 12 month, size clothes now. You are huge! You love to sit up and see the world either in someone’s lap or in your play saucer. Indeed, your strong personality is really starting to show! You LOVE to study your hands with great intensity as they are the coolest things you’ve ever seen and you love to give sweet cuddle hugs when you see someone in the family. Your sisters elicit huge smiles and laughs from you and you have even started to wave bye and hello. Daddy is your absolute favorite toy and you two are like peas in a pod. Happy five months, happy boy!



four months and going

Sweet boy, you are growing like a weed! You are so big now that you have outgrown most of your 6 months size clothes already. You love to laugh at daddy and your sisters, stare at your hands while you eat and play with Mr. Octopus in your saucer. You are such a happy boy most of the time but when you are tired you are done with everything. Your toes have finally become reachable and you love to grab them. You are sooooo close to sitting up on your own…any day now!



three months down

My little man, you are three months old! You are so full of energy now. You wiggle and flail with everything that you are, particularly in the tub. You typically splash out all of your water you are so excited. You have started to get control of your hands and arms and will reach and grasp things and pull them to your mouth. Everything has to be tasted! You still smile and laugh at everyone with a sparkle in your eyes that’s contagious. Giraffe is your absolute favorite thing in the whole world. Happy three months little man.



two months new

Another month down and you are getting to be such a big boy! You almost always have to be sitting up and observing your sisters and all the activity in your world. You still drool buckets while you’re being Mr. Social but you are always so happy…until you’re not. You’ve started to roll over to much applause and fanfare from your biggest fans a.k.a. your sisters, although you still haven’t figured out what the big deal is.



somebody is one month old

Austin, you are mommy’s sweet boy. You’ve just started to make expressions at faces and you give me a big, open-mouthed smile once and awhile. You love to pee on whoever is giving you a bath and you sure do love some boob. You’re a drool monster that loves to watch your sisters and bright lights. They are immensely entertaining to you.  I love giving you smooches on your soft, sweet cheeks. Happy one month, little man.