film: this and that

I got a few film scans back from Indie today and just the fact that there are snow pictures tells you how long I’ve been sitting on this film.

EOS3, Portra 400, box speed.

first rolls of film

I didn’t have very high hopes for these first few rolls. Most of these were just figuring out how the camera(s) worked and what the heck to do with my handheld meter. I shot two rolls of black and white, Tri-x 400 and HP5+ and one roll of color, Fuji Pro 400H. The black and white were shot on an old EOS 650. While the color roll was shot on my new EOS 3 and I just used the incamera meter and over exposed 1 1/2 stops. All were rated at box speed.

Here are a few that I loved. lol.



I just LOVE the tones and graininess glory. To say I’ve fallen hard for film is an understatement. I can see the color inconsistencies with the fuji roll but I’m thinking that’s because my exposure was all over the place with that in camera meter.  I’m excited to see how the roll of Portra 400 I’m shooting right now looks different. Also, this isn’t the best lab in the world but it will do for practice like this.